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July Jubilee on the Big Piney River

The highway J exit comes into view and my heart rate is ampin’ as I’m rampin’ up this favorite EXIT to another world. Take me to the river…wash me in the waters, of the Big Piney River… As mentioned in a previous post, I have already canceled three float trips this year due to a […]

Summer Daze on the Big Piney River

It’s August 12 and a customer is asking me a question that is very slowly penetrating my wish scheming daydreamin’ state of consciousness.  The next moment finds me abruptly cognizant and agitated that  “I’m NOT on the river anymore!” I must have been “Piney dreamin’.”  It’s a condition that has no cure nor does it […]

That Lure I Borrowed

So what lure did I use to catch those nice sized Smallies on my August trip? The Rebel Crickhopper, a yellow one with a black back and the larger size  which is 1 5/8” long;  ¼ oz.. I have used the smaller Crickhopper(1 ½”;  3/32 oz.)with reasonable success, but you really need to use the […]