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Kicking off Spring and a Good “Earth Day” to You

  Awake, thou wintry earth – Fling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth Your ancient gladness! ~Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn”   Put yourself on the river in Spring, and Ludwig will do the rest(Beethoven’s 6th, The Pastoral Symphony)   if you enjoyed the movie, you might also visit:  ourplaceinthecosmos.com for another spring […]

Canoe the Ozarks Continues…and a new blog emerges

Attention all visitors and Google index bots!   Canoe the Ozarks will continue its mission to share the beauty and adventures in the Wonderland of Rivers and Forests of the Ozarks Country. Hope you enjoy this post that features new video and pics from a very recent float trip. And if you thrive on connecting […]

Summer Symphony on the Big Piney River

Moving through a lively riffle… It’s about 5pm when we pull into a favorite campsite that we’ll call home for the next few days.  Little did we know that our first night here would be one of the most memorable nights on the river. With only the slightest chance of rain in the forecast, we […]

July Jubilee on the Big Piney River

The highway J exit comes into view and my heart rate is ampin’ as I’m rampin’ up this favorite EXIT to another world. Take me to the river…wash me in the waters, of the Big Piney River… As mentioned in a previous post, I have already canceled three float trips this year due to a […]

April Magic on an Ozark River

When the Bluebells drip Swallowtails And the sun peeks through the trees You understand the Bottomlands become Fairylands Sorcery in seclusion just above the river So conjure the time for this April portal call This temporal beauty transforms, Delivers ___________________________________________________________________________ Or better yet, find a little creek that wanders back into the woods.  Park your […]

Spectacular September on an Ozark River

Floating in September has blossomed into one of my favorite times to be on the river. The greens of summer still linger while there’s a surprising display of colors from a cast of late bloomers that are flourishing in brilliance all along the river- just before the fall. Yet the crisper hints of autumn are […]

Nightfall on an Ozark River

Dusk finally fades into darkness.  Night has fallen on the river and on all of its inhabitants.  And tonight, that includes a couple of visitors. They come well equipped to light up the darkness and celebrate the night. The kindling is kind as it sparks to flame;  the roar of fire is soon a sweet […]

Evening Time on an Ozark River

After relaxing in the waters of Shanghai Spring, we feel rejuvenation and a reluctance roused by reverence as we slowly paddle away from this spellbinding spring. It’s mid afternoon and the hot August sun is still high as we squeeze in a little more fishing time and take a few breaks for swimming. This whole […]

Return to the Buffalo River (2)

After lunch, we spent most of the afternoon snorkeling just above the riffles, sitting in the riffles, and taking frequent plunges in the churning pool just below the riffles. Wash me in the clear cool waters… This is a water world paradise that will energize us all afternoon.  And it’s all right here at our […]

Return to the Buffalo River

Last September we were floating the beautiful Buffalo River when we discovered what is now one of our favorite campsites on any river. (Check my earlier post “Best Campsite on the Buffalo” under ” campsites”  on the right side/menu) We enjoyed it so much we vowed to return the next year.  Well, we kept our […]