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June brings record rainfall/flooding; However…

While Missouri only had its 11th wettest June on record at 7.23 inches, record precipitation and flooding occurred in many areas across the state. The St. Louis, Missouri area had its wettest June on record at 13.14 inches. So you can understand how happy I was to get  out of soggy St. Lou and hit the right river at just the right time(6/23-25)!    Bring on Summer!


And with all the rain in the area, it’s prime time for pop-up waterfalls along the river…

Refreshment is only another waterfall away…

Waterfalls on Big Piney River,MO

On a hot day, head for the Falls

Yeah, we hit a very narrow time window just right for this float.  The water was on the chilly side, but that’s to be expected with all the heavy rains.

June still kept its promise:  the Cricket Frogs, the Bull Frogs, the Green Frogs, and the Fowlers Toads were all callin’,

and the lightning bugs put on a show as we slept beneath the stars(two nights in a row)

Hope we can float in July


Unfortunately ,as of this post, heavy rains and flooding have continued into July in different parts of the Ozarks.  Just this past weekend, July 11/12, the Big Piney River was flooding at record levels, cresting at 19 feet on Saturday.  I think that may have set a new record, but I will double check that info and report in a later post.

19 feet!!!  YIKES!  The Big Piney is usually about 3 1/2 to 4 feet deep on a typical summer float


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