A Wonderland of Rivers and Forests

Canoe the Ozarks Continues…and a new blog emerges

April on Big Piney River, MO

Early April on the upper section of the Big Piney River

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Canoe the Ozarks will continue its mission to share the beauty and adventures in the Wonderland of Rivers and Forests of the Ozarks Country.

Hope you enjoy this post that features new video and pics from a very recent float trip.

And if you thrive on connecting with the natural world, then I invite you to also explore a new blog site that I launched just this past May:




back on the river for an early April float.  The temps were a pleasant 69-70 degrees and a low in the low forties(a bit nippy) later that night.


The colors of Spring have barely begun, but the first blush of chartreuse in leaves, the pinkish-purple blooms of Redbud trees, set by waters that run clear-to shades of green and teal, and the annual appearance of a bright red canoe…

Take another look at the first pic above, this pleasing palette can only leave you hungry for more(my cousin really nailed this photo opp)


So feast your eyes on yet another favorite Eyecon of Spring

Bluebellls in bloom on Big Piney River, MO

Bluebells in radiant abundance

Go back to that first pic one more time-in the upper right corner, a small meadow of Bluebells abound.

There’s no other river that shows off the Buebells better than the Big Piney in the Show-me-State!’

(By the way, that was some kind of place to set a table for lunch.)


It’s been mostly cloudy most of the day.  When the sunlight fades, the drabness of winter’s hangover seems more on display.  I feel a little discouraged, but help is on the way…

something old1Beauty on the river saves me with something old

old sandstone walls on Big Piney Riverand revives me with something new (Turn up the sound)

Pop-up waterfalls, an unexpected surprise



We got on the river late this day, so dinner is calling and our campsite is near.


It’s actually an island in the stream, loaded with wood, a pyro kid’s dream!

So after a hearty dinner of  cornbread, ham n’ beans…

campfire on the Big Piney River

Now that’s a blazin’ fire 🙂


Next post:  new videos of “movin’, cruisin’, glidin’ down the stream


(if you recently read the post entitled “Rivers of the Cosmos” at this site, that post

has been moved to:  ourplaceinthecosmos.com)


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