A Wonderland of Rivers and Forests

Water Worlds of Summer on an Ozark River

Just checked the forecast for an early August float trip on the beautiful Buffalo River(AR):

daytime temps 85 – 90(NORMAL), nighttime lows, a very comfortable 60(unusual) without a chance of rain!  Wow, what a forecast!  I’m already reciting a prayer of petition to keep it so.


And on a hot summer day, there is no place I would rather be…


Refreshing in the riffles


Restoring by the Springs


Gliding with ease


bow shot on Big Piney River

Or moving “gently down the stream…”


Time to get back on an Ozark River!  Time to shine up a new summer dream!



SO BACK TO THE BEAUTIFUL BUFFALO  if our August plan works out.

And if the excellent forecast holds, we hope to do a lot of snorkeling on this trip.  The clear waters of the Buffalo offer ample opportunities.  Hope to bring back some new video.

riffles/Buffalo River

Lively riffles near a favorite campsite on the Buffalo River

Until the next post,

Beauty on the River

















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