A Wonderland of Rivers and Forests

Wonderland of Waterfalls on the Big Piney River

It’s a sunny but unusually cool August day as we start our float trip on an upper section of the Big Piney River( 4 videos on this post).

The mercury won’t touch 80 the duration of this trip.  And just about ten days ago, there was heavy flooding throughout much of the Ozarks.
(It’s August, right?!)

And it’s the main reason why we chose the upper section for this float.  Normally(not sure what the “normal” is these days), the water levels are too low to float this splendid part of the river in the months of summer.

These curious circumstances led to some unexpected developments, or on this day, you might call it serendipitous surprise…

(pardon the shiver on this particular clip; camera was chillin’)


Not much farther down the river… “Dripping Springs Conservation Area”

Today transformed!  “Pouring Springs” would be more aptly named.


I’m thinking of how refreshing it would be to stand inside these falls on a hot summer day.  But I soon remember the cooler weather has chilled these waters considerably.
Yeah, this is not a typical August, but the tradeoffs today are rare-and rich in beauty!


I know that heavy rains recharge the springs and rev up the creeks.
And it’s the lowest point that water always seeks(watershed effect)…

But this glorious convergence of waters…It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen at all, of all my trips on the river, spring through fall.

Peace and Beauty on the River
(*Still time for a September float!  If you’ve read any of my previous posts about this transitional time of year, you know why September is “Oh so” sweet on the river.
*If the colors are good this year and the weather cooperates, I hope to be on
the river in October as well; prayers to the River Gods)

Peace and Beauty on the River

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